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My First Ever Release!

I tend to enjoy band arrangements in my music and I really enjoy the process of producing an arrangement with a variety of instruments. But one of my favorite songs happens to be my first single, which is an extremely minimalistic song that I wrote in about hour after busking on Huntington Beach pier. Check out the story and some of the process in bringing it to life! 

" 'Cause it's a short time,

Just a vapor,

A moment comes, but there it goes again..."

Why Do We Run Final.jpg

"Why Do We Run?"

Written & Performed by Ron Maxime

Produced by Ron Maxime

Mixed & Mastered by Brenton Ferguson

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"If life is here, then why do we run?"


"So take some time on hold,

Find some people to hold..."




Can you hear the waves roar,

Stop and hang on a moment,

Let life pass on for a while


Let a slow song ease you,

Soak in time as is stands still,

In the winter wind in the sun


'Cause it's a short time, 

Just a vapor,

A moment comes, but there it goes again,

But we could grab it,

Have our minds sit,

If life is here, then why do we run?


So time to hold,

'Cause who knows when it will go,

And all the people we love,

Might not be there no more

So take some time on hold,

FInd some people to hold,

And in that moment you'll know

"Soak in time as it stands still..."

Initial Voice Memo
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Initial Song Concept
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Original Voice Memo of Song
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